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    • by Peugeot Pete


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Peugeot 504 Manual

By Peugeot Pete

Go to http://www.504.org/technic_GB.htm and you'll find Peugeot 504 Spare parts catalog, Peugeot 504 Workshop manual, Peugeot 504 Owner's manual U.S. version, Peugeot 504 Electrical schemes. Download Garage Manual/Service Manual for Peugeot 504 GR Car.

Peugeot DIY (Do It Yourself) Services

By Peugeot Pete

Not to step on any toes, but it is one thing to replace your own once or twice and another to do it at a dealership for years. I see several recommendations and I also see close, a game played with horse shoes and hand grenades. A word to the wise.

It is unfortunate so many are afraid to fix there own car. I have found that most auto mechanics don't know a Peugeot from a hole in their head. The good ones are rare and few. These old Peugeot's are surprisingly simple to maintain and repair with the exception of major engine or transmission overhaul. As an example, you can do a yearly maintenance in about 2 hours (engine oil, vacuum pump oil, air filter clean and oil, manual trans oil, differential oil, fuel filter change).

I guess my long winded point is: No one starts out as an expert, we all make mistakes, but we learn nothing if we don't try.

Dry VS Wet Lubrication

By Peugeot Pete

You asked a question about lubes. Lets go back to basics. When 2 objects rub together they wear, so we lube, we want the lube to stay fresh so we don't have to do this often. Now stay fresh to some means stay wet, but wet collects dirt, moisture and we are back to wear. On retractable antenna's we tell ourselves we are lubing and spray WD40. WD40 stay's wet and works good, for a while. We wet the antenna, we drive down the road, antenna up (picking up dirt from the air), we shut it off and dirt goes into the mast to cause wear. The same with any locking mechanism.

RECOMMEND you wash all greases, of all types, out and use a product I have had success with, over the years, on such items as sunroof, turbocharger waste gates, locking mechanism's, lock tumblers, flex cables, door hinges, sliding draws in the vanity. IT is called LOCK-EZE, liquid carrier that evaporates and leaves a dry graphite lube. Graphite does not collect dirt (antenna, hinges, ETC), and is not effected by heat (doesn't melt and run off on turbo or sunroof). Bottom line is graphite stays slick and does not build up or dry out as other lubes do.

A word of caution, do not use in electrical applications such as switches because graphite is carbon and carry's electricity very well even when you don't want it to.
Just a bit of info to think about :-)

Duck OR Goose

By Peugeot Pete

I noticed that you said you had a list of filters that work. Be careful, even though the filter may screw on and is about the same size, it may not be the same. I found out the hard way on a 504 diesel. I was using a FRAM oil filter and did not have the number it called for so I went looking, found one in FRAM the looked the same, screwed on, but was a different number. AH what the hell it walks like a duck, it talks like a duck, it must be a duck. 1000 miles later I found out I got goosed. Some filters have bypasses built in some don't. The Peugeot calls for a filter with a bypass, I put on one without. Needless to say I replaced that engine at my expense. A word to the wise :-)

Compiled and Authored by
Pedigreed Junk Yard Dog

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